Oradea, November 26, 2013 - The first campaign against smuggling organized in Transylvania, ‘faracontrabanda.ro, supporting the authorities', was launched today in Oradea. The campaign, to raise awareness among the Transylvanian public, is motivated by an alarming revelation: in September, illicit cigarette trade grew by 8.6% in the north-west, the biggest rise in the country, according to findings by Novel Research.

"Illicit trade makes up 22.1% of the market in the north-west. In this region, the illicit market is divided up as follows: the so-called 'Cheap-Whites' are 58% of the total, and those with a Ukrainian stamp were 34% in September, compared to 19.1% in July. By 'Cheap-Whites', we mean cheap brands, produced legally, which do not belong to major producers and which are destined for the black market", declared Marian Marcu, General Manager of Novel Research.

In neighboring non-EU countries (Ukraine, Moldova), which apply lower taxes than the European Community, the price of a pack of cigarettes is 5-6 times lower than in Romania. Consequently, the profit that smuggler networks make is huge. This is also the main message of the campaign: "Have You Made Your First Million? Smugglers Did. With Your Money! Don't Support Cigarette Smuggling!"

"Smuggling affects society as a whole, by affecting state revenues, implicitly decreasing the funds available for social spending, and by creating unfair competition and distorting the business environment. Fighting cigarette smuggling is a priority for ITPF Sighetu Marmației, as this is the most common criminal offense along Romania's northern border. For this reason, the seizure of 4,263,721 packs of cigarettes in 2012 and in 2013, is significant. Such achievements have been possible thanks to the efforts of our professionals, and ITPF Sighetu Marmației, with its 17 subordinated divisions, to fight cross-border crime on Romania's northern border. We have seen constant involvement by citizens from towns and villages near the Ukrainian border, regarding cigarette smuggling across the green border, as this represents an important source of income", stated Florin Coman, representative of ITPF Sighetu Marmației.

"Price is the main criterion when it comes to choosing a product for those who opt for smuggled cigarettes. This is precisely why we have chosen this strong message. People must understand that what looks like a good deal at first glance is really only good for the smugglers, as they get richer and richer at the consumer's expense", said Ioana Mucenic, Partner & Head of Strategy, Pastel.

"Through this campaign, we want to inform and educate consumers about the hidden side of smuggling. We want people to understand that when you buy smuggled products, you are in fact financing organized crime. Each one of us can make a difference, by refusing to buy their next pack of cigarettes from smugglers", stated Cristina Vasiloiu, General Manager of Euromonitor Business Consulting Services.

The campaign 'faracontrabanda.ro, supporting the authorities', in partnership with Euromonitor Business Consulting Services and Pastel, with support from JTI, under the umbrella of Euromonitor Conferences, will run until February 2014. The message will reach consumers via a mix of media channels: media communication, information materials and unconventional communications.


For over 10 years, Euromonitor Business Consulting Services has been providing consulting services in areas such as business development policies and strategies in Central and Eastern Europe, interim management in the corporate business sector and crisis management, as well as mentoring and coaching programs for top managers, focusing on leadership issues and professional development. As of 2010, under the umbrella of Euromonitor Conferences, the company has organized, both in Romania and abroad, a series of events to focus public opinion on phenomena which jeopardize the consolidation of a healthy economic environment in the region, cigarette smuggling being a concrete example. As of 2010, Euromonitor Business Consulting Services has hosted the www.faracontrabanda.Ro website.

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